Asahi Primary School & Family School Fureai / 旭小学校(ファミリースクールふれあい), Hokkaido, Japan 2016.8.13

Until 1983, the building was used as a primary school (Asahi Primary school).
After the school was closed, it renovated to a public accommodation facility called Family School Fureai.
Due to the financial collapse of Yubari city, the facility was closed in 2006.


The site was located around couple of sightseeing spots like a museum, a farm and a historical park of some kind. (I don't do sightseeing at all so I had no idea)
Also, I strongly remember that the place was with full of rabbit shits, as you can see in some pictures.



Kuwashima Orthopedic Clinic / 桑島整形外科 2016.8.12

Kuwashima Orthopedic Clinic

I was so amazed to find there were lots of surgical stuff left, while the building itself was almost rotten.
Also, I'd been dying to see a surgical light in an abandoned hospital so many years.
(I missed one in Beelitz Hailstaten, Berlin and Nicchitsu, Japan)
I literally screamed (with joy, for sure) when I entered the operation room to find on finally!

それに反し、 多くの医療器具がそのまま残されておりとても奇妙に感じました 
(ドイツベルリンのBeelitz Hailstaten、ニッチツ鉱山跡にある診療所、etcではすでに盗まれていたり撤去されていたり…)

A bankbook! (The first and last one I've seen in abandoned buildings) / 廃墟に残された通帳!見たのは最初で最後です


Horonai Coal Mine/ 幌内炭鉱 2016.8.12

Horonai Coal Mine is one of the most important historical coal mine, located in Mikasa, Hokkaido. 
There are some abandoned coal mines in Mikasa area, and I visited Horonai Coal Mine and Ponbetsu Coal Mine.
You can walk around Horonal Coal Mine Nature Park to find beautiful sites. 
Although, I did not meet a single person... (it was holiday season too) 
It was more like these ruins are becoming part of nature.  


An abandoned substation/ 旧変電所

天華園 / Tenkaen (Chinese Style Theme Park), Hokkaido, Japan 2016.8.11

Tenkaen is an abandoned Chinese style theme park, in Noboribetu, Hokkaido.
You can see the tower, about 40 meters high, from the road nearby.
(I was dying to climb the tower, but had not enough time...)
It was planned to renovated to golf course years ago.
That was probably why there were so many signs warning the invadors.
I also found some surveillance cameras (wasn't sure it was working though).