Haboro Coal Mine (Chikubetsu Coal Mine) / 羽幌炭鉱 ( 築別炭鉱) , Hokkaido, 2016.8.15 / 2017.9.6

Haboro / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / 築別炭鉱

My favorite abandoned site in Hokkaido I've ever been.
The place has an apartment, a school and a hospital (which is barely standing, though).
I can't fit them in one page!


Taiyo Elementary School / 太陽小学校

Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院

Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート 

Chikubetsu Coal Mine / 築別炭鉱

Haboro Coal Mine / 羽幌本坑

Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート, Hokkaido, 2016.8.15 / 2017.9.6

Haboro Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 築別炭鉱

 Coal Mine Apartment / 炭鉱アパート
The apartment was said to be quite modern, with flush toilet and stuff, at the time it was built (1969).

I went there twice and it was summer both.
The building was covered with bushes so I could only enter one of them.
Also, there should be a public bath near there, 
but as I was going through bushes to find it, I swear I heard a dog breathing!
All I could think of was my arm bitten by it, so I gave up.
Maybe I should visit in cold winter so I could forget about bushes and wild dogs and only worry about dying in snow...?



Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院, Hokkaido, 2016.8.15 / 2017.9.6

Haboro Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 築別炭鉱

 Haboro Coal Mine Railway Hospital / 羽幌炭鉱鉄道病院

The fallen roof and the fallen floor but still standing!
The hospital was built in 1944, and extended a few times.
The only building left was small that I can't believe it had all the facility it should have.
(The first time I saw, I thought it was a small town clinic that only had one doctor.)


As the floor was fallen and nasty-looking water waiting below,
I didn't go further from the entrance.
But by the look, I can guess there was nothing left inside.


Taiyo Elementary School / 太陽小学校, Hokkaido, 2016.8.15 / 2017.9.6

Haboro Coal Mine, 羽幌炭鉱 / Chikubetsu Coal Mine, 築別炭鉱

Taiyo Elementary School / 太陽小学校
The school opened in 1967, and only 4 years later, it was closed,
as people moved out of the town due to the closure of the mine in 1970.
In 1987, the building was renovated to an accommodation facility 'はぼろ緑の村',
but it was closed in 2000.


Asahi Primary School & Family School Fureai / 旭小学校(ファミリースクールふれあい), Hokkaido, Japan 2016.8.13

Until 1983, the building was used as a primary school (Asahi Primary school).
After the school was closed, it renovated to a public accommodation facility called Family School Fureai.
Due to the financial collapse of Yubari city, the facility was closed in 2006.


The site was located around couple of sightseeing spots like a museum, a farm and a historical park of some kind. (I don't do sightseeing at all so I had no idea)
Also, I strongly remember that the place was with full of rabbit shits, as you can see in some pictures.